Our First Missional Living Family Moves In.

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Light Up Louisville With Hope: Kevin & JoRae Bayless

“Staying is the new going...” Kevin Bayless

Moving into refurbished Beechmont house begins a new chapter

They say the best journey takes you home.

When Kevin and JoRae Bayless packed belongings in Kansas to move to a simple, refurbished home on Southside Drive in Louisville, hidden perks made it exciting.

Neighbors from more than 40 people groups who speak 100 languages. It’s knowing they can be part of new stories, one house, one street, one neighbor at a time.

Kevin is a new project manager at ServeLouisville- part of CrossRoads Missions. The goal is to refurbish some of the 5,000 abandoned homes in Louisville for families ready to live with neighbors in mind. It may mean house church, Bible studies, coffee, picnics, knowing their stories and their dreams.

Kevin and JoRae are ready to live chapters of this new story of ServeLouisville.

That means volunteering and getting involved with new friends. With longtime experience as a pastor and contractor, Kevin sees what he knows about God, the Bible, people and construction coming together for this new assignment at ServeLouisville that is more than a job.

This year, the theme of ServeLouisville is “Light up Louisville” as teams renovate homes and welcome new families to the community. Missional Living is the goal.

“The mission field has come to us,” Kevin said. “Staying is the new going. You hear people say ‘God called me to Africa or Asia, but you rarely hear, God called me to stay home. That’s what God has done with us. He’s called us to this neighborhood.”

Written by: Ruth Schenk

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Light Up Louisville with Hope

ServeLouisville exists to help churches plant missional living people in neighborhoods where hopelessness abounds—to be lights in the darkness. The presence of light brings hope in the dark.

When hope fades, feelings of futility and despair set in. Victory is nowhere on the horizon. But there is a bright side. Times of deep hopelessness and despair often brings a greater recognition of the need for light. We intuitively sense that there must be more to life and are drawn to the light.

Enter the good news of Jesus, the Light of the World. In the presence of the Light of the world , hope returns. Just ask the woman at the well. Talk to the bridegroom at the wedding when the wine ran out. Check with the thief on the cross. Chat with Zacchaeus. Have coffee with Lazarus’ sisters. They will all tell you when the Light of the World shows up, hope is restored.

As Christians, we are carriers of light. Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men that they will see your good deeds and glorify the Father in heaven.” In his book, Scattered Servants, Alan Scott says, “The dream of God over your life is that you come alive in His presence and bring light to every environment, spilling contagious hope into hurting humanity.”

It is my prayer that we all will be awakened to the dream of God and partner together in ways that renew and birth hope in the heart of our city.

Let’s Light up Louisville with hope!