Living a Lifestyle of Invitation


Light Up Louisville with Service: Zach Motes

Zach Motes had a bridge in mind when he looked for a house between the University of Louisville Campus and West Louisville. That house had to be big enough for roommates, spacious enough for groups to meet.  

A place with comfortable chairs. A place to put your feet up. And it has to have room for a big dining room table for guests—students, neighbors, new friends from the university and West Louisville.  

“I want a lifestyle of invitation,” Zach said. “A house that is always open. A place there’s always a seat at the table. Always a space for conversation.”  

Zach’s vision for life and ministry fit with ServeLouisville’s mission to build or makeover homes for people on mission. They believe communities change one person, one home, one neighborhood at a time.  

Zach is one of the first homeowners in the Missional Living program. He is in the process of purchasing a large, vacant home located between the University of Louisville Campus and West Louisville. Volunteers with ServeLouisville will help renovate it.  

As a college pastor at Southeast Christian Church, Zach is all about people—those who follow Jesus, but also those who doubt, those who are disillusioned and unsure about faith.  

He has big dreams for the vacant home he will soon own.    

“When we live every day on mission, our home is one of the best resources,” he said. “We are called to open our homes and make people feel comfortable. My dream is that this house will be a place of disciple-making where people will catch the vision to spread the kingdom of God.”  

ServeLouisville will bring the vacant house back to life.  

“That’s a metaphor for the community,” Zach said. He and other volunteers will reach out and meet neighbors in the community, offering friendship and home improvement assistance. That will open the door for change in the community.

Written by: Ruth Schenk