Above all else, ServeLouisville serves as a doorway for churches and individuals seeking volunteer opportunities in Louisville's West End.  Participants are involved in home renovation, construction, outreach activities, service in inner city organizations and other community transformation activities.


Our Purpose

In Louisville there are over 7,000 abandoned and vacant properties 60% of which are in West End communities. These are often seen as a blight on the neighborhood and tend to invite illegal and elicit activities.

ServeLouisville works to transform these neighborhoods one family, one house, one street, one neighborhood at a time.  We partner with local churches in conjunction with The Fuller Center for Housing, in this community transformation effort. We acquire abandoned houses and properties, and renovate or build anew. Upon completion, the Fuller Center for Housing will match a family with the opportunity to buy the home at an affordable rate, usually less than they were paying for rent in the same area. To qualify to buy the renovated homes, selected families must successfully complete classes to help prepare them for homeownership, as well as participate in 350 sweat-equity hours of service. These service hours may be on any home in the program, or through many other outlets the Fuller Center provides for families to give back to the program and their community. 

Crossroads Mission--Our Parent Organization

CrossRoads Missions is a doorway for churches and individuals seeking ministry opportunities in places they may otherwise have difficulty serving. We accomplish this goal by bringing people of all ages into missions in the United States and foreign fields. These experiences greatly challenge those who participate to consider deeper involvement in ministry in both the world and their own communities. Mission teams who participate with us are involved in multiple areas of ministry including: construction, medical missions, education, discipleship, evangelism, worship, and disaster relief. CrossRoads Missions enhances existing local ministries, supporting them with additional resources they may be unable to provide. Our service achieves its highest level of effectiveness by working alongside these ministries so that when we leave, the ministry of Jesus does not.

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I never thought I would own a home. You go to rent a house and because you don’t have good credit, or you have an eviction on your record, you know, then you have to go to slum houses and they charge you a lot of rent...The education classes have transformed my whole life. You learn how to partner and work with people.
— First Time Home Owner